Throughout the course of a normal week, I take loads of photos. Some end up on my regular blog as part of a story, but many don't. They become little moments lost in time, seen briefly through my eye and a camera lens.

So, without rhyme or reason, based on nothing more than appeal, I'm going to pick a favorite weekly shot and post it here.

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Southern Belle

...yesterday I took an unfamiliar shortcut to get myself home from an arts festival before the looming storm broke.  The weather was feverishly hot with large, very black clouds slowly building over the mountains, so when the precursor winds kicked in, I decided it was time to go--along with many other folks, hence the shortcut idea.  The little back road didn't get me home faster, but I did discover the most amazing magnolia tree with the biggest, creamiest blossoms--the size of a salad plate--that just compelled me to stop and take this shot.  Ah, the siren call of flowers...

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